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FdSc. Addiction Counselling, Cert. Compulsive Behaviour, MBACP & ATSAC



rob-sex-addiction-therapist-londonRob is the founder and clinical lead of Innisfree Therapy and has extensive experience of working with addiction, trauma and associated disorders. He founded Innisfree as he is committed to providing a high standard of care to individuals and couples affected by sexual compulsivity and addiction, recognizing that it is important to provide time and space for this process. Alongside an extraordinary team, Rob has developed a model of working in direct response to the very specific needs of individuals and couples presenting with the consequences of this devastating compulsion. Rob is well known and highly regarded in the field, having worked as a therapist and supervisor at a number of addiction treatment centres in the UK. He also delivers compulsive sexual behaviour and substance addiction training to clinicians both in and outside the UK. Innisfree grew from Rob’s fundamental belief in the power of the group dynamic, to reduce shame and facilitate change for those affected by addiction and associated relational disorders. Rob has managed the addictions treatment team at a leading private psychiatric hospital, sat on the Board of ATSAC (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity)  and ran a successful private practice on Harley Street for many years.

MA Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling, Cert. Compulsive Behaviours, UKCP (accred.) MBACP (reg.)



Kat is Co-Director of Innisfree Therapy and a skilled and experienced integrative psychotherapist. In addition to assessments and individual 1-1 therapy sessions with those affected by compulsive behaviour, Kat facilitates weekly psychotherapy groups and monthly aftercare groups for those suffering from relational trauma and co-facilitates treatment planning and facilitated disclosure sessions at Innisfree. Kat’s extensive experience in the addiction field includes working in abstinence-based residential addiction treatment centres, community projects and private practice in Berlin, Portugal, Surrey and London for twenty years. In her own development as a practitioner she has integrated and drawn influence from a number of principal theories and practices, notably attachment theory, existential and relational psychotherapy models, cognitive behavioural therapy, family work, mindfulness and breath experience. Kat holds an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy (Minster Centre/Middlesex University) and is a UKCP accredited and BACP registered psychotherapist and counsellor; she has completed training in sex addiction and is a registered member of ATSAC, the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity. Kat is fluent in English, German and Portuguese.

MSc Counselling, Cert. Sex Addiction



José is an Addiction Therapist at Innisfree holding an MSc in Counselling. He has been working in the field of addiction and associated disorders since 2003 gaining extensive experience working with compulsive behaviours, mental health and substance addictions. Over the years Jose has worked primarily in leading residential treatment facilities as therapist, head therapist and clinic manager overseeing teams of multidisciplinary clinicians. He has worked individually with clients over extended periods of time affording the opportunity for long term and sustainable recovery and change. As an integrative therapist with long experience working in the addiction field, José provides a range of different models and concepts of therapy, such as CBT, CAT, MI, Relapse Prevention, Psychodynamic, Systemic and Gestalt. He facilitates psycho educational workshops and interpersonal group therapy as well as individual therapy at Innisfree therapy. José is fluent in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

MSc in Psychosexual and Relationship therapy, PG Dip. in Couple and Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy, BA Hons, BACP (accred), COSRT regd.



Lisa is a Couple and Individual Psychotherapist with a Masters in Psychosexual and Relationship therapy. She has worked for many years at the prestigious Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, both as an Assessor and counselling Couples on their relational and sexual problems. Lisa creates a bespoke programme for each client or couple which takes into account past influences but works equally with the “here and now” dynamics of the therapy room. Treatment may involve a sexual behavioural programme or use of cognitive techniques. Lisa’s clients have regularly experienced significant levels of positive change in their relationships and taken away from the work a deeper and more helpful understanding of themselves and of their partner.

BSc Hons Addiction Counselling, FDAP, Cert. Sex Addiction



Steve has worked in the addiction field for over a decade. He has extensive clinical experience of working with addictions in private as well as third sector settings and has acted as a consultant and policy adviser for private treatment centres in the US and Asia. His experience in the voluntary sector includes working with The Prince’s Trust and The Big Issue. Steve is known for his creative approach to the therapeutic relationship and he brings a wealth of knowledge and rich experience to our team given his own work in creative industries. Steve sees clients for individual sessions and co-facilitates group work at Innisfree Therapy.

MBChB, MA Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling, UKCP (accred.) MBACP (reg.)

Originally qualifying and working as a doctor in the NHS, Kirsty has over 15 years’ clinical experience. Additionally holding a Master’s degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling, she has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, addiction clinics and in the private sector. She uses an individualistic approach inspired by relational, existential and psychodynamic thinking, seeking to understand how each client experiences addiction and compulsivity within the context of their current life, whilst considering how their past may be contributing. Kirsty’s dual medical and psychotherapeutic qualifications and experience afford her a unique perspective in working with clients towards change. She sees clients on a 1-1 basis as part of the Innisfree Therapy team.

BSc (Hons) Addiction Counselling, FDAP



Having worked in the field of substance misuse and behavioural health for many years, Richard has worked in a variety of settings including both in- and out-patient settings. Having relocated to London in 2019, he currently works in his own practice and at a large private psychiatric hospital, delivering individual and group therapy. Richard became interested in joining the team at Innisfree as a result of learning about the unique approach to CSBD that they use. This complemented his interest and passion around the developmental roots of problems with compulsive or addictive behaviours. Richard believes in forming a therapeutic relationship with the individuals he works with and using that relationship to help them understand the ways in which they prevent themselves getting their emotional and relational needs met in healthy ways. Richard is completing an Integrative Psychotherapy Master’s degree at the Metanoia Institute, one of the UK’s leading Psychotherapy Institutes. Richard works as part of the team at Innisfree delivering individual therapy and group sessions.

MA Creative Arts Therapies, EMDR Certified Therapist, Trainee in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy, HCPC member, COSRT (reg.),




Kate is an Art Psychotherapist, certified EMDR practitioner and advanced trainee psychosexual therapist with 7 years of clinical experience. She has practiced in a variety of settings across Montreal, New York and London, including the NHS, criminal justice institutions and within the social care sector of a local authority. Working extensively with complex trauma in all its forms from attachment disruptions and loss to abuse and neglect, Kate is skilled at providing holistic assessment and bespoke treatment using a combination of verbal and non-verbal approaches. Her focus is on helping clients to access unconscious material, develop new insights and integrate their experiences leading to sustainable internal change and reconnection with the self. Kate is presently completing a Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy through the Centre for Psychosexual Health in London. She provides individual, couple and group sessions to treat psychosexual health issues, relationship difficulties and compulsive sexual behaviours at Innisfree Therapy.

MSc Psychology, Trainee in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy, COSRT (reg.),



Magda is Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist Trainee with an MSc in Psychology. Over the past years, Magda studied Psychotherapy at Regents University and is currently finalising her Post Graduate Diploma at Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology in Cambridge. Magda has previous experience in the field of Mental Health, working in a SEN School for young adults suffering from severe autism and by volunteering for SANE, a helpline for people with mental distress. She is currently undertaking her student placement and working with individuals and couples. In her work she is aiming to create a non-judgmental, supportive space where she encourages openness and honesty, embracing the diversity and uniqueness of her clients. As a Psychosexual therapist, Magda applies a pluralistic approach, taking in to account the socio-cultural and psychological factors influencing treatment. Magda adopts a range of diverse, evidence-based and client focused interventions whilst maintaining the centrality of therapeutic alliance. Magda is fluent in English and Polish.

London Foundation cert. Counselling & Psychotherapy, Trainee in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy, Trainee member of COSRT, NCP and BACP

Jordan is finalising her Post Graduate Diploma as a Trainee Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist after recently studying Counselling and Psychotherapy in London. Jordan is a trainee member with BACP, NCP and COSRT. Jordan has significant experience of working with victims and offenders of domestic and sexual abuse and is particularly drawn to the deeper way of working at Innisfree. Jordan adopts the biopsychosocial model when working with clients which looks at how our sexuality is shaped by our bodies and brains, our personal experiences in life, and the culture around us. Jordan recognises that all of these key aspects interact in complex ways, making each of us completely unique. Jordan remains curious, open and accepting of the psychosexual issues unique to us. Jordan is dedicated in utilising her own maturity, experiences and authenticity and draws on humanistic modalities such as Gestalt, Existential, Person-Centred, Transpersonal and integrates Psychodynamic techniques of counselling to restore and empower clients in the participation of identifying their own ability to heal. Celebrating sexual diversity and unravelling shame sit high on Jordan’s agenda. Jordan is an ambassador at London Pride promoting suicide intervention within the LGBTQI community. Jordan has been volunteering at a sanctuary for suicidal, offering a safe and containing space helping those facing deep crisis. Jordan sets out to work collaboratively with both individuals and couples by offering flexibility and dynamism. With a diversified set of approaches, Jordan aims to create tailor-made care plans which reflect the very needs of clients to reach their optimal functioning.

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