Christmas and New Year – Don’t let it ruin your recovery

Posted in: Blog on December 10, 2019.

At this time of year we all experience lots of pressure to have ourselves a merry little Christmas, with happy families and full glasses and endless cheer. Then there is the pressure of new year’s eve and the ending of one year and the start of the next.

At Innisfree we have many clients who struggle with the change to their usual routine, who are used to maintaining their recovery around the structure of work. Taking holidays that are spent at home can be challenging, especially when a couple are in treatment together or in recovery.

Perhaps spending time with extended family can also be hard, particularly if you hold different views or opinions.

If alcohol is a trigger, Christmas is a minefield of parties, meals and drinks where overindulgence is the norm.

If you are struggling this Christmas do get in touch with us and we will be happy to support you and your family over the festive season.

Here are some useful tips to help stay on track:

Dealing with difficult family at Christmas 

Preparing for Christmas

We at Innisfree Therapy wish you a peaceful and pleasant Christmas.

Innisfree team

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