For Men

We offer one-to-one therapy for men, as well as group therapy and intensive recovery programmes.  Here, we’ll describe to you a little more about one-to-one therapy.

With our knowledgeable, experienced therapists offer a safe and containing environment to share honestly and openly what is going on for you. Sexually compulsive behaviours have many subtle but powerful effects on many dimensions of your life. Sex addiction leads to a ‘double life’, the need to lie all the time, problems with intimacy, physical contact, and sex; distortions in thinking, behaviours that increasingly diverge from your values, and ultimately a sense of being inauthentic, lost and alone. Your therapist understands well the despair, anxiety and isolation you are experiencing and will provide you with a safe, non-judgmental space to begin unpacking what has been happening.

Through psycho-education, you will begin to understand the underlying causes and cycles of your addictive behaviour, and will be provided with the tools to put a stop to these cycles. As therapy progresses you will also explore the deeper themes, patterns and underlying issues of your life.

This therapeutic relationship is a hugely valuable resource to support you in the difficult early days of recovery, through to you your on-going journey into a more fulfilled and satisfying life.

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