Where an individual has become gripped by their own sexual experience, everything else is deprioritised, including their relationship. Partners often experience this as a betrayal, with something else, and when there has also been infidelity, somebody else, being more important than them and the relationship. Discovery or disclosure of CSB often raises issues of trust, emotional and sexual distance, conflict and loss. 

For those who are ready, Couples’ Therapy helps you explore the betrayal, allowing the impacted partner to express their pain whilst the individual with CSB is encouraged to think beyond their own experience towards understanding this effect. The betrayal itself may be explored as well as any other areas of secrecy that are important to help the betrayal become part of the couple’s shared past, laying the groundwork for honesty, openness and transparency as the priority for the couple going forward if both parties wish to remain in the relationship. Throughout this process, the couple is guided to learn new ways of communicating and managing conflict, longstanding issues can be aired and addressed, and sexual intimacy re-established where this is mutually desired. Those who choose to separate can also be supported, including how best to do this when there are children involved. 

We may also recommend integrating Trauma Therapy, Individual or Group Psychotherapy for each partner to support the effectiveness of the Couples’ Therapy, as well as Family Therapy should this be relevant.