Our weekly psychotherapy group provides a safe space for individuals who have been impacted by a partner with CSB.

Discovery or disclosure of such behaviours is often a shock, with individuals left reeling and struggling to make sense of their situation, whilst experiencing very difficult and often conflicting emotional states. 

Coming together with others who have had similar experiences can be invaluable in being met with empathy and understanding whilst exploring the impact of this relational trauma.

Group process is supported by psychoeducation on common issues such as trust, trauma, relationships and the need for self-care.

As participants support and learn from each other, they become more empowered, assertive and able to rebuild their lives.

If and when both partners feel ready, we also offer Couples’ Therapy to focus on the relationship, whether that is towards rebuilding it or exploring alternative options.

Should the impact involve other family members, we can also offer Family Therapy.

Find out more about what to expect or get in touch with us now by calling our confidential enquiry and crisis line on 0207 935 5333 or contact us using the form at the link below.