Within any family system, relationships are thought to form a key part of the emotional health of each member, therefore, when any individual or relationship within the family is struggling, often the whole family is affected.

In Family Therapy, we help families to work together to find ways of overcoming distress, misunderstandings, or pain affecting their relationships which are putting a strain on the family unit. Our approach is useful for families who are facing a variety of difficulties and experiences, such as those who are rebuilding relationships following the impact of compulsive behaviours or trauma, those in conflict, or those seeking parental separation in a way that prioritises their children’s needs. 

At Innisfree Therapy, we understand that every family is unique and we work alongside you to understand your situation and respond with a programme of therapy that best meets your needs. For more complex issues including difficulties arising from trauma or betrayal, we may recommend integrating Individual, Trauma, Couples’ or Group Psychotherapy to ensure the effectiveness of Family Therapy.