“Innisfree Therapy provides you with a safe space, to explore yourself, the causes of why you’re in the programme and provides you with a tool kit that you can use to better your circumstance. They will provide you with the space, comfort and community in a non-judgemental fashion that allows you to take on the change. I liked the diversity of therapists – in terms of expertise, age, gender, emotional connectivity. Flexible and accommodating for me in regards to time and place. When I didn’t know what to do in a session, therapists would guide me along the way. I would recommend Innisfree to whomever is willing to face the struggle of change and who needs emotional assistance along the way. Overall my time at Innisfree was valuable. I would say I got my ROI for the money I put in.”


“Innisfree Therapy has helped me to slowly but firmly gain control over my life again”


“The programme has been extraordinarily positive for me. All therapists I have spoken to and who I am still speaking to are amazing and inspire confidence. I do enjoy participating to the CSB male’s group every Thursday and really value the interaction with the other guys. The concept of keeping issues within the same container is very strong and powerful and gave me confidence to do my personal work in a secure and confidential therapeutic space.”


“Therapy with Rob at Innisfree has been life-changing for me. I entered at one of the lowest points of my life, and the experience has helped me come to terms with the past and bring a joy into my current life that I had no idea was possible. I will remain forever grateful”


“I started working with Innisfree some five years ago following a recommendation from someone who knew them. I was facing some very difficult personal challenges and had no idea where to go to help me address them.  I could not be more appreciative or respectful of the way that they have worked with me over these years. I have found them to be highly professional, expert and personally understanding. Most importantly they have been highly effective and enabled me to understand so much better the issues I faced, their causes, and how to approach them. My relationship with myself has been transformed and that has led to a far greater understanding of the dynamics of my relationships with those that I love and care about. It has been hard work, very tough at times, but I have always felt supported, understood and respected. It is a remarkable organisation and I could not recommend it more highly. Take your courage in your hands and trust them, the reward will be yours.”


“Innisfree has saved my life and helped me in healing my marriage and the relationships around me. I was trying to remedy my trauma and anxieties by using pornography, substances and sex. Innisfree has helped me stabilise into reality, reconnect with self, heal and look forward positively”