Sex addiction (also known as compulsive sexual behaviour, or CSB) is when sexual behaviours become increasingly compulsive and out of control.

Whether it’s porn, webcam, affairs or escorts, sex addiction (CSB) becomes physically and emotionally destructive, and sometimes even dangerous.

You might find yourself leading a ‘double life’, lying all the time and struggling to maintain intimacy, physical contact, and sex within relationships.

Despite such profoundly negative consequences and feelings, sex addiction means the sexual behaviours continue, leaving you increasingly isolated, despairing and full of shame.

Whether you’re in crisis or simply feel now is the time to seek support, the Innisfree Therapy team is ready to help.

We are specialists in sex addiction (CSB) and will work with you to create an individualised programme which responds to your unique situation and needs.

You can also find help for your Partner or Family Members who have been affected.

As a private therapy practice on Harley Street, London, we offer in person and online Intensive Programmes, Individual, Group and Couples’ Therapy, providing a safe, containing environment with continuing respect and support throughout treatment.

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