We know from experience that when behaviours are out of control, successful treatment often requires a robust programme to help the individual to stop, so the underlying issues can be addressed.

Depending on the circumstances, partners and family members may also be impacted, with relationships or sometimes the whole family system thrown into crisis.

Innisfree Therapy is a private therapy practice on Harley Street, London, offering in person or online specialised therapy.

Our unique Intensive Programmes are an individualised combination of Individual, Group and Psychoeducational Therapy developed alongside our clients to meet their specific needs.

Their programme is then delivered by our team of highly experienced therapists working concurrently, collaborating and responding to the client process session by session, to provide a robust and dynamic yet flexible, optimally therapeutic experience.

Clients experience an immersive, accelerated process with rapid progress towards recovery.

Which is followed by a step down programme which may integrate Trauma, Couples’ or Family Therapy as required.

This ensures change that is sustainable and integrated into a new way of life.

We offer a wide range of Intensive Therapy Programmes for individuals struggling with:

Additionally, we offer Intensive Programmes for Partners and Family Members impacted by CSB, compulsive chemsex and love addiction/codependency

Get in touch to find out more, book a consultation, or make a referral by calling our confidential enquiry and crisis line on 0207 935 5333 or by using the form at the link below.