In combination with Individual Therapy, Group Therapy is a powerful and effective catalyst for change.

Our groups offer a safe yet dynamic space for people to share their Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB) experiences, reduce their sense of isolation and shame, and learn from each other.

Our model is based on Irvin Yalom’s Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy, whereby we see a single interpersonal transaction as representative of a larger pattern of behaviour.

By keeping the focus in the here-and-now – and on the process in the group rather than what is happening in the ‘world out there’ – group members learn about themselves, how they come across, and how they interact and relate.

The group provides accountability and support in the face of often overwhelming compulsion.

Members build safe, open, intimate and honest relationships with other people who have similar problems.

Group work can be intense – but there is no pressure to reveal more about yourself, your experiences or your behaviour until you are ready to do so.

We run groups for men affected by Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB), groups for women affected by Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB), and also groups for partners of those affected by Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB), as part of our Partners’ Programmes.

Find out more about what to expect or get in touch with us now by calling our confidential enquiry and crisis line on 0207 935 5333 or contact us using the form at the link below.