Our specialised approach integrates a holistic understanding of each individual’s path towards healing and recovery. With a focus on the unique challenges faced by those struggling with compulsions and addictions, the Innisfree Therapy team offers a supportive environment where understanding and transformation are at the heart of everything we do.

At Innisfree Therapy, our private therapy clinical practice is provided in-person at our Harley Street office in London, online via video call, or in combination, depending on the situation.

Our therapy teams of compulsive behaviour and trauma therapy specialists are committed to providing our clients with the comprehensive support needed to regain control and move towards the life they envision.

The unique approach combines the latest therapeutic innovation with the proven effectiveness of the Innisfree trauma treatment model as we tailor a path to recovery that respects your individual journey. From intensive therapy to ongoing support, discover a program designed just for you.

What We Treat

Innisfree Therapy specialises in highly effective intensive therapy treatment programmes for individuals struggling with:

Meet Our Addiction Experts

With decades of combined experience in specialised therapy and counselling, our specialists bring unparalleled expertise in tackling CSBD and many other addictions.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder, often referred to as sexual addiction, is frequently misunderstood, making it challenging to locate specialised assistance. Innisfree founder Rob Watt, a specialist in the field of sex addiction and porn addiction, is committed to helping you explore the deeper, unconscious factors driving these behaviours so you reclaim your life. 
Learn more about how our founders and leading therapists proven strategies and compassionate care have shaped successful recovery journeys for countless individuals.

We know from experience that therapy is most effective when approached collaboratively by therapists and clients.

Our therapists have specialist skills and knowledge which can be drawn on as needed for each individual case.

Working together we provide a powerful therapeutic experience for clients which is uniquely effective in creating sustainable change.

As London’s leading therapy practice for sex addiction and porn addiction (CSDB), Innisfree Therapy offers innovative solutions for healing. Our bespoke London-based programs are designed to address your unique challenges, ensuring that recovery is not just a goal but a reality.

In addition to offering our highly specialised and effective trauma therapy and counselling services, our website provides valuable information on understanding CSDB, its effects on relationships, and pathways to recovery. Explore our individual and group programs, insightful blog content, and online resources designed to support your journey at every step.

Ready to Reclaim Your Life? 

If you’re uncertain about whether you’re dealing with sex addiction, porn addiction or any other compulsive behaviors, we encourage you to reach out. We’re here to help and can schedule an initial assessment to start addressing your concerns.
Contact us now and take the first step towards a future filled with hope and healing.

Your path to healing begins here, at Innisfree Therapy.