Innisfree Therapy is a private therapy practice on Harley Street, London, offering in person or online specialised therapy for Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB), relationships and trauma.

We work alongside you to assess your situation and create an optimised programme of therapy to meet your needs – ranging from our robust Intensive Programmes to Individual, Trauma and Group Therapy, we find the right level of support for you, with Partners’, Couples’ and Family Therapy also available to include those in your life that may be affected.

Innisfree Therapy comprises a group of therapists who have come together based on a shared belief that therapy works best when approached collaboratively. 

As individuals, we each have our areas of expertise and by working together, we believe we can offer a therapeutic experience that is uniquely powerful in creating change.

Whatever the intensity, our unique, truly integrated and responsive programmes are designed for rapid and sustainable change.