Individual Psychotherapy is an important aspect of our approach at Innisfree Therapy, offering a safe and confidential space for you to explore your issues openly with a therapist. 

Within this relationship, you can examine your CSB behaviours and how they affect you in your current situation, whilst learning specific strategies to help you manage urges, and cope with difficult feelings which often underlie the need to engage in sex in destructive or distressing ways. Your therapist will also help you to identify and build on your strengths, explore your values, identity and sexual landscape, whilst considering your life so far, including your childhood experiences and any significant life events or relationships that may have contributed to your difficulties. With this increased awareness and resources comes the opportunity and momentum for change. 

Our therapist team is multi-faceted with disciplines spanning Psychosexual, Relational, Addiction and Integrative Psychotherapy, and we work with you to ensure you are working with the therapist who best meets your needs. 

Individual Psychotherapy for CSB is particularly effective in combination with Group Psychotherapy, and we may also recommend Trauma Therapy due to experiences of abuse, neglect or abandonment in childhood which are a common contributing factor.