The discovery or disclosure of compulsive sexual behaviour by a partner can be traumatic, provoking intense feelings of hurt and betrayal. Partners can feel they’ve been ‘living a lie’, shocked and disempowered, and that they can no longer trust themselves or anyone else. In the immediate aftermath of discovery, it can feel impossible to know what to do and it is often hard to access appropriate support from family and friends.

At Innisfree Therapy, we work with you to understand your circumstances and find the right level of support to meet your needs. Whether it’s an Intensive Programme or a combination of Trauma Therapy and Partners’ Group Psychotherapy, we offer a sensitive and informed space for individuals to start making sense of their often complex and conflicting thoughts and emotions, to regain and learn new self-care strategies and move into a more empowered place. 

If and when both partners feel ready, we then offer Couples’ Therapy to focus on the relationship, whether that is towards rebuilding it or exploring alternative options. Should the impact involve other family members, we can also offer Family Therapy.