Whether you’re struggling to form healthy relationships, find your feelings and behaviours challenging to manage or wish to explore your life in an open, honest and transparent space, our groups offer a safe, dynamic experience.

Our interpersonal groups are based on Irvin Yalom’s Group Psychotherapy model, whereby we see a single interpersonal transaction as representative of a larger pattern of behaviour. By keeping the focus in the here-and-now in the group process, members learn about themselves, how they come across, interact and relate. These groups also provide valuable support in the face of often overwhelming compulsions or difficulties and open, intimate and honest relationships with others are built.

We offer interpersonal groups for those struggling with compulsive behaviours, including single gender spaces for those suffering from Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB), and mixed gender groups for those experiencing difficulties in initiating, maintaining or avoiding relationships.

Often in combination with Individual Therapy, Group Therapy can be a powerful catalyst for change.