Whether it’s casinos, betting, card games, online or off, when gambling gets out of control, the consequences can be devastating. As individuals become gripped by their behaviour, they often hide it from partners, family and friends, attempting to recover their losses and regain control. Without help, those affected become increasingly isolated, distressed and ashamed, can experience anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol problems, and face not only significant financial problems but the loss of their relationships. 

At Innisfree Therapy, our Intensive Programme for Compulsive Gambling is designed in collaboration with you to create an individualised mix of Individual, Trauma, Group and Psychoeducational psychotherapy to best meet your individual needs and circumstances. Your programme is then delivered by our team of highly experienced therapists who work concurrently, collaborating and responding to your process session by session. Throughout this, we help you identify triggers and uncover the underlying issues which create this destructive cycle of behaviour, whilst offering guidance and strategies to help manage urges and regain control. 

Our unique responsive, immersive approach offers an optimally therapeutic experience with rapid progress, which is then followed by a step down programme, including Couples’ or Family Therapy as required, to ensure change is sustained and integrated into a new gambling-free lifestyle.   

Intensive Programmes for Compulsive Gambling can take place at our premises in Central London, via Zoom, or a mix of both, depending on individual circumstances and location. Impacted partners or family members can also access individual support with us as desired.