Over the years, we have come to understand that a robust programme of therapy leads to successful outcomes for individuals with Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB) as it offers a framework to facilitate halting behaviours so the root cause can be addressed.

Partners and family members may also need intensive support following the impact of a disclosure or discovery which has thrown the family system into crisis. 

At Innisfree Therapy, we offer private specialised therapy for Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB).

In person in our Harley Street practice, London, online or a mix of both, we work alongside you to design a bespoke mix of Individual, Group and Psychoeducational psychotherapy specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Unique to Innisfree Therapy, this is then delivered by our team of highly experienced therapists working concurrently, collaborating and responding to your process session by session, providing a robust yet flexible, optimally therapeutic experience.

We help you identify triggers and uncover the underlying issues which create this destructive cycle of behaviour, whilst offering guidance and strategies to help manage urges and regain control. 

We have also developed Intensive Programmes for those struggling with other common types of compulsivity, including love addiction/codependency, compulsive/binge eating, compulsive gaming/social media use and compulsive gambling.  

Sex/Porn Addiction (CSB) Intensive Programmes for Individuals, Partners and Family Members are available and can take place at our premises on Harley Street, London, online, or a mix of both, depending on individual circumstances and location.

Find out more about what to expect or get in touch with us now by calling our confidential enquiry and crisis line on 0207 935 5333 or contact us using the form at the link below.