Often underpinned by childhood attachment trauma, love addiction and codependency create difficulty with intimate relationships which can be enormously detrimental to the lives of those affected. 

Individuals with love addiction experience an intense need and preoccupation with being in romantic relationships, often going quickly from one encounter to the next, or committing before getting to know someone.

When with a partner, they commonly neglect their own needs, interests, responsibilities and friendships, feeling dependent on the approval of the other with a need to please at any cost, and experience panic, despair and sometimes destructive behaviours after break ups, finding being alone intolerable.

Sufferers can also be attracted to needy, unavailable, controlling or abusive partners who do not meet their emotional or physical needs, often returning to such relationships despite knowing they will be harmful.

Codependency can occur in any kind of intimate relationship. Experiences commonly include ‘losing yourself’ in the relationship, with difficulty identifying feelings and making decisions, often valuing the other’s opinion over your own.

Our unique responsive, immersive approach offers rapid progress, which is then followed by a step down programme, including Couples’ or Family Therapy as required, to ensure change is sustained and integrated into a new way of being within healthy relationships.

At Innisfree Therapy, we offer private specialised Intensive Programmes for Love Addiction/Codependency in person in our Harley Street practice, London, online or a mix of both.

We work in collaboration with you to create an individualised mix of Individual, Trauma, Group and Psychoeducational psychotherapy to best meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Your programme is then delivered by our team of highly experienced therapists who work concurrently, collaborating and responding to your process session by session.

Through this process, we help you identify triggers and uncover the underlying issues which create these distressing relationship patterns, whilst offering guidance and strategies to help manage urges and regain relational stability.

Intensive Programmes for Individuals, Partners and Family Members affected by Love Addiction/Codependency are available and can take place at our premises on Harley Street, London, online, or a mix of both, depending on individual circumstances and location.

Find out more about what to expect or get in touch with us now by calling our confidential enquiry and crisis line on 0207 935 5333 or contact us using the form at the link below.