Therapies offered in an individual format:

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

An interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve traumatic symptoms through the use of alternating bilateral stimulation (eye movements, tapping or auditory sounds) which stimulate the brain’s natural memory processing system.

Somatic Trauma Therapy

A body-based approach which aims to process traumatic experiences through accessing physical sensations and feeling states that stem from their presenting symptoms.

This facilitates greater awareness and understanding so that the material can be worked through and integrated.


A relational process which incorporates locating and processing trauma through identifying and working with specific points in an individual’s visual field that link to these experiences stored in the subcortical brain.

Relational Psychotherapy

A type of talking therapy which focuses on the importance of the relationship in providing safety to allow traumatic experience to be identified and worked through.

This model can be particularly effective where there has been relational or attachment trauma, as it seeks to offer a reparative experience which lays down new, healthier patterns of relating.

Therapies offered in group format:

Breath Experience

Offers the possibility to reconnect with one’s own resources. Working with the natural breath brings balance, healing and a sense of well being into all aspects of one’s life.

This is offered in Individual and Group Therapy.


Refers to the process of providing accessible education and information about trauma with the goal to help you better understand and manage your experiences.

This is offered in Individual and Group Therapy.

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