New research commissioned by Relate has highlighted the impact lockdown measures are having on relationships.

Couples are reporting more relationship issues and irritation with their partner than before lockdown.

The Relate survey showed:

  • Almost a quarter of the survey’s respondents said the current circumstances are placing pressure on their relationship with their partner.
  • More than one in eight of those who currently live with their partner agreed that staying at home is making them doubt their relationship.
  • 31% of Women found their partner irritating,  compared to 22% of men.

We have seen an increase in couples contacting us to help them maintain their relationships, as people are now spending more time togther than ever before.

Dormant issue are being brought to the surface and issues that were previously laid to rest can be causing new problems as tempers and patience are short.

At Innisfree we work with couples to encourage better relationships, through better understanding and couples therapy to help address any issue and then move past them.

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