Innisfree Therapy is a private clinic based on Harley Street in London. Our tailored Intensive Therapy Programmes helps those with Porn and Sex Addiction (CSBD) quickly take control of their lives again. 

What are the Innisfree Therapy Intensive Programmes?

The Intensive Programmes offered by Innisfree Therapy are specifically designed to help individuals quickly halt compulsive behaviours that they in themselves are finding distressing, identify the underlying causes, and ultimately address them for sustainable change. 

Our Intensive Programmes are individually tailored to each client and involve daily therapeutic engagements in both individual and group therapy settings.

Our team of therapists, each specialising in different therapeutic disciplines, provide a discrete and unique, highly effective service like no other.

Content covers the essential topics including the underlying causes of Sex/Porn Addiction (Compulsive Sexual Behaviours), trigger identification, urge management, alternative coping strategies and more to pave the way from compulsivity to sexual health.

Who needs an Intensive Therapy Programme?

Individuals who are experiencing any sexual behaviour which is, or feels like it might be, out of control, problematic or distressing.

These behaviours may include out of control, problematic or distressing use of porn, webcams, phone sex use, affairs, sex workers, kink/fetish or masturbation. These problems may be in isolation or in any combination. 

Is an Intensive Programme from Innisfree Therapy like rehab?

There are some similarities in that our programmes are designed to help stop a behaviour which is harmful, however, there are also important differences:

  • At Innisfree Therapy we work towards sexual health and fulfilment rather than abstinence.
  • Our focus is on identifying and resolving the underlying problem, therefore treating the causes rather than simply halting all sexual activity.
  • Another difference is that many clients who come to us are able to continue working and honouring professional commitments, something that is impossible in many rehab centre settings.

Do the Intensive Programmes for compulsive behaviour work?

Yes. Our clients continue to report rapid change in regaining control of their sex lives and the associated reclamation of self-esteem, empowerment and wellbeing.

In the ten years since Innisfree Therapy was founded, we have worked with thousands of people, individuals and couples, to help them take control and get their lives back on track.

How long do Innisfree Therapy’s Intensive Programmes take?

Our programmes are uniquely designed for rapid change, we see progress and results in four weeks that would typically take a year in weekly individual therapy. 

The initial four weeks are then followed by a step down to one or two sessions/groups a week over the following months – this may include trauma, psychosexual and/or Couples’ work according to need and each individual’s personal goals. 

Are Innisfree Therapy’s Intensive Programmes discreet?

Yes. We are strictly bound by the confidentiality requirements of our professional bodies ie BACP, UKCP, COSRT and HCPC and our clients sign contracts that ensure that they and we adhere to strict confidentiality frameworks and GDPR requirements.

Further reassurance:

  • Our billing details will only show that therapy services have been accessed, no specifics.
  • Our clinic is nestled amongst other therapy and health services based in the famous townhouses of Harley Street.
  • Our clinical team work together closely and do not disclose information to other parties without our clients’ explicit written consent.
  • We never sell or share personal information with third parties.

Can I continue working during an Innisfree Therapy’s Intensive Programme?

Yes. Whilst we recommend taking time out to focus on therapy, many of our clients continue to work and we design their programme to facilitate this.

We understand that continuation of business is very important for many of our clients. We will work with you to find the best balance between the most effective treatment and recovery plan and your professional life.

However, if the situation requires it we will advise clients that a break from work is necessary for their successful stabilisation and recovery.

How do I get an Intensive Programme with Innisfree Therapy?

If you’d like to know more about our Intensive Therapy Programmes, apply for a consultation with the team, or alternatively make a discreet enquiry through your chosen concierge service or your personal assistant, call 0207 935 5333 or contact us using our online form.

Do I need to be in London for Innisfree Therapy’s Intensive Therapy?

No. Our practice clinic on Harley Street in London is where we see our clients with sex addicition and compulsive behaviour disorders in person.

We also work remotely by video calls and combine these online and face-to-face real world services to suit client needs and preferences.

Many of our team are also multi-lingual, find out more by checking out our meet the team page.

Do sex addicts need Intensive Therapy forever?

No. At Innisfree Therapy, our unique approach aims to create rapid change which is sustainable through an intensive therapeutic programme.

Our Intensive Therapy Programme clients tend to have an accelerated process. Seeing results which would typically take a year in conventional weekly therapy in just four weeks.

Having already benefited, this does offer our clients who came to us with sex addiction and compulsive behaviour disorder the choice of whether to continue with additional therapy or not.

Many of our clients do choose to continue for further work on themselves within a less intense therapy programme. 

How much do Innisfree Therapy’s Intensive Programmes cost?

Our Intensive Therapy Programmes are generally taken up by those wishing to invest in themselves in an accelerated, tailored process.

As every case is as unique as the client, we provide different Intensive Therapy Programmes dependent on clients’ needs, availability, and financial means.

Talk to us today to discuss how we can help.