A newer and less enjoyable tradition which follows the Christmas and New Year festivities involves an apparent surge in the breakdown of relationships.

The exact date isn’t clear, but either on the first working day after New Year, or the first working Monday in January is known colloquially as Divorce Day:

It’s a highly stressful time for many

There are a myriad of very real reasons why a marriage or civil partnership might break down, and for many full legal separation is the right way to go for all involved.

If you’re not sure, talking to an independent relationship specialist can help, and our team of highly experienced  individual and couples’ therapists are on hand to help you navigate your situation.

The stress of the holiday season, with the need for couples to be seen acting positive around colleagues and family for extended periods of time can mean communication breaks down, problems aren’t addressed, and emotional pressure builds for weeks, or even months.

The risk here can be that a very permanent solution ends up being sought by one member of the couple for what was really only a temporary situation. A situation which, whilst painful for all involved, had a very realistic possibility of being resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

For those who are fighting to keep their marriage or civil partnership going in the face of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder (CSBD), also known as sex addiction, there is hope.

Our team specialises in helping couples in crisis to safely and confidently explore their issues, gain insight and work on them together and individually, within a containing and non-judgemental space.

We enable couples dealing with trust and betrayal to find new ways of being that improve their relationship in areas such as communication, conflict resolution and sexual relating. Helping couples to address the emotional and physical issues they are facing in a safe and supportive environment.

As divorce can have an enormous financial and emotional cost, with the complexity of the situation increasing if trauma, children, or strict cultural expectations or laws are involved.

Ensuring that all options have been considered is a kindness to all involved.

Start your year being fully informed. If you want to discuss your relationship situation in confidence with highly experienced expert therapists, get in touch.