Valentines is a day for love… So love yourself

But as RuPaul often says “If you can’t love yourself, then how the hell you going to love anybody else?”.

Valentines day can be a day when those in relationships and those who are single often feel very lonely, comparing their relationship (or lack of) with other people and judging themselves too harshly for the mistakes made in the pursuit of love.

At Innisfree this Valentines we are asking you to make you your Valentine and to take some time to love yourself.

Here are 7 things you can do this Valentines:

1, Give yourself permission to say “No” – You don’t have to go along with things.

2,  Embrace change in your life – Change is coming, so welcome it.

3,  Let go of things – Decluttering negative people or possessions

4,  Pamper yourself – Focus on you

5, Live in there present – be mindful

6, Look forward with joy – The past does not dictate your future

7, Act now – Don’t put off loving yourself

We at Innisfree Therapy wish you a happy Valentines day and offer support to you and your partner if you need us.

See here for more details on the seven great ways you can love yourself this Valentines day