In a world where mindfulness, performance, wellbeing, coaching and therapy services are being offered every which way you turn, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choice paralysis just at the very moment you have decided to seek help.

So why choose Innisfree Therapy?

Our team comprises highly experienced hand picked professionals who we consider to be the very best in the world at helping people to deal with and manage compulsive sexual behaviour – also known as sex and porn addictions.

Each team member brings a unique set of skills, life experience, and deep understanding of the causes of self-destructive behaviours and the effects they can have on mental health, family relations, and professional lives.

Each of our therapists is a members of some of the most stringent professional therapist and counselling associations in the UK, recognised across the world.

This means that they not only ensure that they keep up with best practice, research and information, they also hold themselves professionally accountable to them. You can find out more on our Meet the Team profile pages.

Our treatment programmes are effective and proven again and again to be a way out for those who have come to the realisation that they need help.

Professional, highly discreet, and culturally sensitive, our services are available to those based in the UK and across the world, including Europe, the UAE, Africa, and the USA.

If you’d like to know more, apply for a consultation with the team, or alternatively make a discreet enquiry through your chosen concierge service or your personal assistant, call 0207 935 5333 or contact us using our online form.