We won’t sugar coat it. By the time you decide to work with us you are likely to be experiencing one of if not the hardest moments in your life.

Your decision to seek help is the first step towards treating the source of your sex or porn addiction (compulsive sexual behaviour disorder – CSBD) problems, with the unique and bespoke therapy services provided by our team of specialist therapists.

Taking the time to create real change

Every moment spent working with the Innisfree Therapy team of specialists will bring you closer to finding true and enduring release from the compulsive distress you have found yourself in.

We could say that the hardest part was seeking help, but the truth is that the hardest thing is accepting that coping mechanisms happen for a reason, even the most destructive ones.

Working with us we will help you to unlearn those behaviours whilst maintaining, or regaining, a sense of self and safety.

Notebook rests on the lap of a therapist, writing as they talk to a client

Sex addiction (CSBD) can be treated

You can find a way back to normality

Why use our bespoke service?

If you have reached a point where your relationships, career or finances are on the brink of ruin due to your compulsive behaviour, you very likely need more than a quick couple of sessions with a counsellor, or a few hours with a mindfulness app.

Complex sex addiction (CSBD) problems require a tailored and dynamic approach to treatment.

We take great care to ensure that we have a full understanding of your situation: what has led you to getting in touch, how your situation is affecting you and those around you, and what you hope to achieve through therapy.

Only then will we determine which course of treatment will most suit your circumstances and have the greatest chance of lasting success.

We are here for you

When in crisis it can be very hard to regulate emotions, this can be frightening, confusing and hard to communicate to those around you.

This is why we offer our intensive therapy programmes which create an immersive, accelerated process with rapid progress towards recovery, followed by a supportive step down programme to ensure the changes you make are sustainable.

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Decades of combined experience enable us to help with the huge mental load that sex addiction (CSBD) can cause

Our team take pride in their ability to help those in need knowing how to combine different therapeutic methods to help you work towards a safe and sustainable future for you, your family and your career.

If needed we also provide Couples, Partner and Family therapy too.

Call our confidential enquiry and crisis line on 0207 935 5333 or by using the form at the link below. We’re looking forward to helping you regain control.