Why choose an Intensive Treatment programme?

At Innisfree we are finding increasing numbers of clients choosing to engage in our intensive programme of recovery from sexually compulsive behaviours. An accelerated introduction to recovery – the leg up often needed to propel the client into recovery or for those clients who feel stuck in their recovery process.

An intensive is typically a 6-day programme where the client is engaged in individual therapy, multiple times a day with each of our team members. It includes psycho educational workshops that provide insight and tools to stop the behaviour and group therapy to provide accountability and to introduce the interpersonal aspect. A post intensive step-down programme allows for these important changes to be introduced into the client’s life.

Identifying how and why the client found themselves in this compulsive cycle is vital for ongoing and sustained recovery. The vehicle for this significant work is provided with ongoing individual and group therapy.

We also offer significant support for partners who are often suffering from the calamitous consequences of a discovery or disclosure of betrayal and are experiencing relational trauma.

Partners can engage in an intensive programme focused on resourcing and empowerment with a step-down programme or a combination of individual and group therapy.

The outcomes for our intensive programmes are proving to be highly successful. This is a bespoke programme to meet an individual’s needs.

For more information, please contact nick@innisfreetherapy.co.uk