The New Year is traditionally seen as a time for renewal, a time for improvement and hope for the future.

As the excess of the Christmas holiday season comes to a close, it can be a time for a reflection and resolution.

  • You may have arrived here wanting to speak to someone, to find out what’s involved when it comes to sex addiction treatment.
    • A way to make things better?
  • You may be seeking immediate help with the compulsive sexual behaviours which are having a negative impact on your life?
    • A way to regain control?
  • You might be the partner of someone exhibiting compulsive sexual behaviours which have affected your relationship?
    • A way to rebuild trust or manage change?
  • Maybe you are a mental health professional and have a client who you believe could benefit from the skills and expertise of our specialist compulsive sexual behaviour therapy team?
    • Need to make a professional referral?

We can help

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